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What Is Christianity? Who Is Jesus? What Is The Bible About?

Christianity is a movement of a group of people — ekklesia — across time and space who have followed Jesus Christ, the Son of God. His love and sacrifice has brought all those who place their trust in Him back into community with God and transformed us and the world.

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Who Was Jesus?

Jesus, a Nazarene born as a baby in Bethlehem, was later violently tortured and crucified. But He didn’t stay dead. In fact, as He predicted He rose from the dead three days later. He was God who came to earth as a human to rescue us.

His disciples who abandoned him at the cross, were amazed to see him again. Jesus’ brother James, who was a skeptic, and Paul, who persecuted Christians both became Christians as it launched across the world, transforming the Roman Empire from the inside out. Unexpectedly, Christianity would spread across the globe.

What is the Bible & How Was This Library of Books Created?

If someone was killed and came back from the dead, we ought to pay attention to what he said. And so we take Jesus seriously for this reason. The witness of the disciples and early church is how we know what happened and what Jesus did.

Several hundred years later, the Bible, as we now know it, was compiled by Christians in what became the dominant religion of Rome. Christians no longer feared having to hide the letters and notes that had been sent by the Apostle Paul and other followers of Jesus and these were collected and made permanent along with the Hebrew scriptures.

We take the Hebrew scriptures (Old Testament) seriously because Jesus took them seriously and because He too was a Jew. We take the New Testament biographies about Jesus and the letters from his early followers seriously because they give us the details of what happened, why it happened, and how we’re to continue the Christian tradition.

What Next?

Perhaps you have questions…

You may be curious or confused…

You may be broken or hurting…

Wherever you are, Jesus meets you there.

He doesn’t say you need to have everything figured out.

He simply invites you to start following him.

If that’s something you want to explore, Corner-Stone is the place for you to start or continue your journey.